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USB - Wireless M-Bus USB-adapter 868 MHz
iM871A-USB - Wireless M-Bus USB-adapter 868 MHz
The iM871A-USB is a compact wireless M-Bus USB-adapter based on the high performance wireless M-Bus module iM871A. The adapter offers a cost-effective RF solution for smart metering applications connecting water, heat, electricity and...
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iU880B LoRaWAN - Long Range USB-Adapter
iU880B LoRaWAN - Long Range USB-Adapter
The 'iU880B LoRaWAN™' USB Radio Stick has an adjustable output power of up to +18 dBm (EIRP) at 868 MHz, combined with an outstanding high sensitivity of the USB-Stick, distance ranges up to 6,000 m can be achieved. In combination with...
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PA-iM871A - Wireless M-Bus Analyzer
The 'Wireless M-Bus Packet Analyzer PA-iM871A' (Version 1.10) supports the monitoring and analyzing of Wireless M-Bus traffic according to EN 13757-4 and has an extended range of feature. This tool provides an easy to use graphical user...
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