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iOKE868 LoRaWAN Smart Metering Kit
iOKE868 LoRaWAN® Smart Metering Kit
The ‘ iOKE868 LoRaWAN® Smart Metering Kit ’ leverages the long range and low power consumption of LoRa® to provide real-time data monitoring of energy consumption and secure connectivity to the LoRaWAN® IoT network. It is compatible with...
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iU880B LoRaWAN - Long Range USB-Adapter
iU880B LoRaWAN - Long Range USB-Adapter
The 'iU880B LoRaWAN™' USB Radio Stick has an adjustable output power of up to +18 dBm (EIRP) at 868 MHz, combined with an outstanding high sensitivity of the USB-Stick, distance ranges up to 6,000 m can be achieved. In combination with...
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Wireless M-Bus Range Extender
Wireless Range Extender
The 'Wireless Range Extender' is a compact and cost-effective device that collects Wireless M-Bus messages from utility meters and forwards them to a LoRaWAN ® network. This product extends significantly the range of systems and allows...
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Lite Gateway - Front View
Lite Gateway - Demonstration Platform for LoRa®...
The Lite Gateway (LGW) is a demonstration and evaluation platform consisting of the pre-certified concentrator iC880A-SPI, a Raspberry Pi, a pre-configured SD-card and a housing. The product requires an SMA-Antenna (868 MHz) and a Power...
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